A creative combine of filmmakers, communication experts, musicians and artists, APOSTROPHE expresses itself in the areas of advertising film and music imagery. Founded by musician Hamesh and filmmaker Koushik Sarkar, APOSTROPHE retains a philosophy of unbridled and nontraditional creation to meet the communication needs of a transforming world.




A musician, as well as an advertising professional, Hamesh divides his time between producing films and collaborating with musicians of repute from India and the world over. He produced singer/songwriter MILI's album 'Written In The Stars', released worldwide on December 2017. He also produced 'Flying in a Blue Dream', a documentary on guitarist Joe Satriani's 2005 India Tour, released by SONY Music and Epic Records Worldwide.



A communication designer trained at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India, Koushik's first few student documentaries exposed him to different international film festivals and prestigious grants. He studied Electronic Media Art, under the coordination of World Wide Video Center, The Netherlands. He also collaborated with various well- known installation artists internationally, and continued to make documentaries and experimental films. He has been making advertising commercials since 2001, and has found a new passion - Music related imagery. His 2006 documentary 'Flying in a Blue Dream', on guitarist Joe Satriani's India Tour, released by SONY Music and Epic Records Worldwide, a music video for the Spanish Electro Pop band 'EQUIS' amongst others are a part of this passion.